phoenix ring


the Phoenix ring 💍
100 % handmade 100%silver
Price : 60 €
The phoenix is ​​one of the legendary birds mentioned in the mythology of Iran, Greece, Egypt and China and is sacred to the Egyptians. It is said about this legendary creature that it does not mate and reproduce and is lonely, and it is also considered one of the rare birds. But once every thousand years, it opens its wings and sings on a large pile of firewood, and because it is happy and ecstatic with its song, it lights a fire in its beak, and by burning it in the fire, an egg is born from it. come It comes that quickly catches fire and burns, and then another phoenix is ​​born from its ashes.

In most cultures, phoenixes are mentioned as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. But there are other relationships about the phoenix that have been given to it in other cultures. One of the sayings about phoenixes is that “the tears of the phoenix can heal wounds, the voice of the phoenix is ​​very beautiful and pleasant, music is created from the voice of the phoenix and…